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Principles Of Supporting Business Events

Area 1 †Understand how to help the association of a business event1. While sorting out a business occasion, portray the scope of help exercises that might be required.When arranging a business occasion you should discover what number of individuals are coming at that point book the correct scene. Arrange the cooking for example food and drink for the perfect measure of individuals. Book any convenience for the individuals that may have gone from abroad or can’t make same day travel. Orchestrate the visitor speaker. Expose the occasion to make individuals mindful of the date/time/place. Name the visitor speakers2. Complete the table beneath by recognizing two different ways of offering help previously, during and after a business event.Before During After1. Send out gathering welcomes With RSVP to realize what number of individuals will be coming. Continuously welcome individuals with a grin and be gracious. Be approachable1. Converse with singular gatherings/organizatio ns get their criticism and express gratitude toward them or coming2. Make sure the setting you book provides food for everybody and has all that you need and the room isn’t too enormous/little for the measure of individuals coming 2. Sign individuals in, issue everybody with a name identification/data pack. Show individuals where to sit in the event that you have assigned sitting plan.2. Survey the occasion with your associates, along these lines you can see whether anything should be improvedSection 2 †Understand the reason for showing proficient and accommodating conduct while supporting a business occasion and how to do so1. Clarify the reason for showing proficient and accommodating conduct when supporting a business event.How you carry on will influence the occasion and your business, on the off chance that your neighborly and considerate and all around prepped, at that point this well make you increasingly receptive for others to come and pose inquiries about the occasion. When talking ensure you generally talk plainly, look and consistently have a grin for example you will more probable get support for comparative occasions and furthermore advance and promote your business which is one of the fundamental reason for sorting out an occasion/meeting2. Portray methods of displaying proficient and accommodating conduct while supporting a business event.All staff is pleasing for example perfect, all around prepared. Welcome out of this world, close by out all data packs name identifications, grin look when addressed be affable, talking unmistakably so individuals can get you. Have an inviting methodology. Having an inspirational demeanor gives a positive outcome.Section 3 †Understand how to manage issues experienced when supporting a business event1. What are the fundamental kinds of issues that may happen when supporting a business occasion? You ought to incorporate in any event three unique sorts of issues in your answer.Process problemOr ganising an occasion it’s consistently essential to get some information about any uncommon necessity individuals may have restricted portability/inability for example Wheelchair gets to and crippled latrines and crisis exits, and any outwardly impeded and hearing issues. or on the other hand have dietary NeedEquipment problemsThe occasion requires providing food then the disappointment of kitchen gear may bring about individuals not have the correct rewards or foodPeople problemsLate or missing individuals can affect the entire result of the event,â such as individuals turning up late methods poor start to the gatherings staff in an inappropriate spot at an inappropriate time2. Recognize potential answers for every one of the issues you have recorded in Question 1 above.Process problemFinding out any uncommon solicitations before hand is significant, for example, individuals with restricted portability should have the option to get to all territory, for example, entrance, l atrines. Individuals with vision issues ought to have a decision to sit close to the front if the gathering/occasion has visual gear. See whether anybody had dietary limitations, for example, veggie lover, diabetes, any allergies.Equipment problemsCheck the Equipment is in completely working request before you start the gathering/occasion. Individuals who are appropriately invigorated and taken care of are more than prone to appreciate the occasion/meeting and make all the more a contribution.People problemsPeople showing up on time implies everything can run easily and staff will be in the opportune spot at the correct time if the staffs have more than one zone to cover. Furthermore, the gathering/occasion can proceed as arranged at the arranged timeIt is likewise to keep quiet and apologize to the individuals going to the occasion/meeting to all the abovementioned and ensure it doesn’t happen once more

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Estee Lauder Essay Example for Free

Estee Lauder Essay I. Foundation OF THE COMPANY Estã ©e Lauder Companies, Inc. established by Estee Lauder and her better half Joseph in 1946 began by selling four healthy skin items concocted by her scientific expert uncle in magnificence salons and lodgings. The venture built up their first retail establishment account with Saks Fifth Avenue in New York in 1947. By 1960, Estee Lauder was a worldwide producer and advertiser, selling their items in the well known Harrods Department Store in London. In the ensuing years, they opened outlets in Central America, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand and Switzerland. Today, Estee Lauder advertises its items through various brands in excess of 140 nations and regions. It likewise holds the worldwide permit for scents and beautifying agents. The organization comprises of an assortment of eminence brands focused at a differing determination of buyers. The group’s arrangement of brands incorporates the most perceived names for develop clients (Estee Lauder, Clinique, Prescriptives, Aramis, and La Mer), eco-right names (Aveda and Origins), just as hip names (M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, Stila, Jo Malone, Bumble and Bumble, Kate Spade, jane, Darphin and Smashbox). The Estee Lauder Companies is an association which participates in the assembling, promoting, and offer of a few delight items. The organization is isolated into four segments, healthy skin, cosmetics, scent, and hair care. Estee Lauder is situated in New York City and at present utilizes 32,300 individuals. The items are generally advertised through retail chains, claim to fame retailers, upscale perfumeries, drug stores, salons, and fights. Also items are sold at organization claimed unattached stores and through web based business in chose nations. The organization is as yet constrained by the Lauder family, which controls about 70% of the democratic offers. Estee Lauder’s grandson is at present the executive of the governing body. II. Explanation OF THE PROBLEM This case investigation endeavors to decide the best techniques Estee Lauder must use in the Philippines. To decide the principle goal of this case the analysts centers around the significant parts of the case examination which are as per the following: A. Market Analysis 1. How much will the Filipino customer will support or use Estee Lauder items? 2. What are segment profiles of the objective clients of Estee lauder in the Philippines? 3. What are the data needs of the Filipino shopper to redirect their support to Estee Lauder items? B. Specialized Analysis 1. In light of the necessities of the Filipinos what might comprise the fundamental assortment of Estee Lauder items that ought to be set up into Philippine markets? 2. Where the potential areas that will viably illuminate and market to the Filipino customer the Estee Lauder items? III. Goals OF THE STUDY The essential goal of this examination is to decide the best techniques Estee Lauder must use in the Philippines utilizing market investigation and specialized examination. A. Market Analysis 1. To decide the impression of the Filipino shopper on Estee Lauder items versus other magnificence item contenders. 2. To check the segment profiles of the objective clients of Estee lauder in the Philippines. 3. To decide the data needs of the Filipino customer to occupy their support to Estee Lauder items. A. Specialized Analysis 1. To count the conceivable assortment of Estee Lauder items that ought to be set up into Philippine markets? 2. To plot potential areas that will viably educate and market to the Filipino buyer the Estee Lauder items. IV. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS A. Examination of the Macro condition 1. Segment Environment In the following 20 years, there would be a normal development of deals of corrective items on the grounds that approximately 70 million individuals around the globe will arrive at a salary that will permit them to buy such sort of item. In the following 40 years, maturing populace on the planet will duplicate by 2.5 occasions. With an expansion in the world’s maturing populace, future would improve as well. 2. Social and Technological Environment Social condition is an expansive idea which might be influenced by all variables to be considered in making examination in the Macro condition of the organization. There is a huge factor that may influence offer of items without any problem. Greater part of the Filipino buyers particularly the individuals who live in the National Capital Region may bolster items effectively as a result of the training called mental expansionism. What is imported is better. Obviously it is! Filipinos will in general belittle imported items most particularly those that are known for a considerable length of time. Truth be told, items made by the Estee Lauder Company are sold in some known shopping centers everywhere throughout the Metro Manila district. May it be beautifiers or scents; shopper will get it as long as they have the cash. Online life influences Filipinos recognition about a specific thing. On the off chance that there is one thing that Estee Lauder to concentrate on in attempting to grabb ed more eye from Filipinos, it will be in the web-based social networking. I have seen that they can't be found in the TV advertisements, radio broadcasts or even print promotions. They show up in print promotions however once in a while with the nearby magazines. Since Estee Lauder is situated in London, beautifying agents are for the most part intended for the white individuals. This organization ought to make beauty care products that are perfect with the Asian skin particularly to the Filipinos. Filipinos are partial to long range informal communication locales which might be a preferred position of Estee Lauder to promote items globally effectively and can hear criticisms with only a tick. Since Estee Lauder costs ranges from mid-high to high, not all Filipinos can stand to have a solitary item on their pockets. Mid-range to world class individuals may belittle the item persistently yet not the individuals who are tight with the financial plan. Filipinos ought to know that however it might be somewhat costly, the bill spent merits each item. It has been a training that the individuals who can’t have those items, move to an impersonation of the first. I accept, these items ought to be improved considerably more where in all Filipinos can bear to utilize Estee Lauder items in their day by day schedule. They should know the enormous contrast between the first and the impersonation. What's going on here? We should see it ourselves. 3. Monetary Environment All segments of the beautifiers business indicated development in the Philippines in 2008/2009, as per Euromonitor. Excellence and individual consideration deals were US$2.26bn, a 2% rise year on year. The most elevated development was in shading beautifiers (7.9%), healthy skin (6.3%), antiperspirants (4.3%), hair care (4%) and aroma (2.9%). The mass market is prevailing in the Philippines, representing 96.3% of all shower and shower deals. As somewhere else in the southeast Asian locale, the significant players are outside multinationals †Unilever, trailed by Procter Gamble, L’Orà ©al, Estã ©e Lauder and Shiseido, as per the exchange affiliation Chambers of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines (CCIP). In the magnificence and individual consideration segment, Colgate-Palmolive is the third biggest organization, behind Unilever †who in 2009 received a system of offering littler estimated bundling, directed at center and lower pay buyers †and Procter Gamble, a s indicated by Euromonitor. The monetary log jam in the Philippines has incited development in direct selling. Organizations, for example, US-possessed Avon and Philippines-based Ever Bilena Cosmetics embraced duties to boosting incomes through limits and took advantage of a female work showcase quick to expand family unit salaries. The market has all the earmarks of being staying lively. Between January 2009 and January, 2010, 511 new beautifiers items were propelled in the Philippines, as per statistical surveying bunch Mintel †the most noteworthy number (176) was in healthy skin, trailed by cleanser and shower items (131) and hair items (108). B. Serious Analysis 1. Force of the Rivalry Among Existing Competitors Estã ©e lauder’s brands face extraordinary rivalry in the beautifying agents industry. Globally it contends with Loreal, Avon, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden and Bare Escentuals. In spite of the fact that there are a ton of rivals in the business, Estee lauder comprises of different items that contends on every one of them. Estã ©e Lauder’s every normal item face rivalry from Bare Esentuals. Its mid-final results go up against Revlon, Avon, and Elizabeth Arden. Increments to these contenders are the nearby organizations in the Philippines like Ever Bilena and Careline. Competition heightens on the grounds that there are a ton of organizations that are in to magnificence items. Rivalry is increasingly exceptional as a result of the nearby brands that utilization cost slices or other advertising strategies to support unit volume. What's more, in light of the fact that most Filipinos are frugal, competition is more grounded when the expense caused by clients to change their buys from one brand, as Estee Lauder to another, as Careline, are low. Contenders may get a nearby rivalry with some EL items. But since of its varieties of excellence items Estee lauder has, it despite everything ascends over the others universally. Its expert cosmetics brands, M.A.C. furthermore, Bobbi Brown face essentially less rivalry in view of their objective set apart of specific customers. In over 25 years, Ever Bilena has become the main Filipino brand. It has infiltrated an industry overwhelmed by worldwide goliaths, and have made items most appropriate for our Filipina customers with universal quality at moderate cost. Ever Bilena and Careline provide food items that are too modest contrast with EL and other worldwide excellence organizations. Ever Bilena and Careline target showcase are unique in relation to the objective market of EL. They target young people who need excellence items for their ordinary use. It outmaneuvers EL by selling their items in an extremely low cost. Our nation is considered as third world so along

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The 7-S framework model is suggested as a tool for identifying the Essay

The 7-S system model is proposed as a device for distinguishing the interrelationships between various parts of corporate str - Essay Example The center thought behind the model is that adequacy in an association is an aftereffect of a few interrelated components (Waterman, Peters and Phillips, 1980). The system helps to take all the information on the previously mentioned authoritative factors which are casual, delicate or doesn't require the domain of the senior supervisory group. The model recommends that other than structure and technique, style, superordinate objectives (shared qualities), frameworks and aptitudes are additionally significant for adjusting the staff play out certain yearned for hierarchical exercises. The model accordingly asks clients to concentrate on the collaborations between the 7S and propose to realize a parity in the association (Bhatti, 2011). Viability of the 7S system Effectiveness is seen in assorted habits. This is conceivable as each person in a group may have an unmistakable thought of the significance of being successful. The undertaking of the administration in a firm is to perceive a n issue which is as of now present in the firm. Notwithstanding, the issue is identified with viably diagnosing the issue. The 7S system is powerful for this situation as it helps in going about as a manual for taking and settling on choices as it expects to furnish a few proposals and meetings concerning issues regarding structure and association. This is particularly fundamental during the change the board circumstances when firms need to rebuild the three hard factors, frameworks, procedures and procedure. The other delicate factors like style, staff, structure and superordinate objectives are regularly ignored by the association during the change the board procedure and this outcome in disappointment. The model, then again, fills in as a valuable association with recognize certain shortcomings and qualities inside the 7S structure. The 7S structure features the way that an adjustment in any of the 7S influences different factors in the association. It encourages business pioneer s to comprehend that the way in which interrelated components meet up during the phase of technique usage (Choi et al. 2011). The 7S system has not exclusively been fruitful in assisting with redesigning structures for improved authoritative execution yet additionally has end up being successful in goal the board. This is on the grounds that the McKinsey 7S model aides in viably executing methodologies †be it in the point of view of an association or to improve the picture of a goal. This is on the grounds that it helps in recommending and showing up at a harmony between seven related elements (Oakley and Sugarman, 2013). The adequacy of actualizing the 7S model in goal the board is to plan and execute improved designs for showcasing and changing the picture of a specific spot or goal. A similar model was utilized in changing the picture of Czech Republic by capably characterizing and clarifying certain delicate and hard factors like shared qualities or superordinated objective s, procedure, framework and structure, style and staffs and abilities (Palatkova, 2011). In today’s evolving world, numerous business and the executives models have been rendered old; however there are a not many which are as yet drilled by most business associations. The 7S system is one of them. This is fundamentally in light of the fact that the model spotlights on the huge capacity played by coordination between the hard and delicate factors and in this manner achieving a parity during the phases of technique definition and usage. This

Cheap Essay Writing Service in US - How to Save Money and Enhance Your Resume

Cheap Essay Writing Service in US - How to Save Money and Enhance Your ResumeDo you know that you can avail cheap essay writing service in US? Many students across the world to find this kind of essay writing service as a boon in disguise. You can surely help your school's exam papers to be successful without spending too much money and getting yourself stressed.To do your cheap essay writing service in US is a big challenge that comes with a lot of responsibility and take away the freedom of writing. If you get into trouble with the school administration or the parents, it is certain that your essay writing service in US will be badly affected.How can you ensure that you write a quality article for your cheap essay writing service in US? The first thing that you need to do is understand your competitors. You should know what topics they are dealing with.If you know that other students have already written their cheap essay writing service in US articles, you can create your own. You should not copy and paste content and ideas. It would defeat the purpose if you copy and paste.You need to find out about the topic first and make sure that your content relates to the main topic. There is no point in your cheap essay writing service in US if you have duplicate content.Always remember that you can only use a topic that you feel will best suit your cheap essay writing service in US. You need to think about your readers, what they are thinking, what they are going through.When you write on your local college or your home state, you need to understand that you will never get the same amount of traffic that you will get from a huge city such as New York. Even in some major cities like Chicago, you may only get a few hundred visitors per day.It is a competitive industry. There are many ways to get your work noticed and read. You can go for a social networking site, online community, write an article or make a video.

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Wal-Mart Competitive Advantages Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wal-Mart Competitive Advantages - Case Study Example The scientist expresses that the limited retail monster Wal-Mart has a significant number of the upper hands that have made the organization such a market head throughout recent years. The rustic market methodology that the organization has attempted has unmistakably helped the organization to achieve expanded piece of the pie. The other preferred position of Wal-Mart has been the age of its stores. In the year 1990, only 10% of Wal-Mart stores were over 8 years of age though K-Mart, the prime contender of Wal-Mart had 85% of stores matured over 8 years. The dissemination ability is another conspicuous upper hand for Wal-Mart. In their circulation framework, they have cross-docking, back to front area technique which is especially useful to develop their business in abroad. This is one of the cost sparing strategies and they can without much of a stretch arrive at their consumer loyalty level. The workforce culture of Wal-Mart is a client situated system which is persuaded by money r elated commitment just as faith in the Wal-Mart culture. This will in general move quicker accordingly and adaptability to the evolving request. Solid corporate culture is especially expected to apply this system. Wal-Mart sought after to look for mechanical serious upgrades. As of late, Wal-Mart set up an electronic information trade with in excess of 3,600 retailers to get arranges just as to interface electronically. The arrangement has been reached out to create, determining, transportation, and arranging. Despite the fact that data costs are bigger than contenders however the advantages of stock cost decrease and furthermore expanded deals, remunerate the expense apparently just as serve Wal-Mart with significant upper hand. The conveyance arrangement of Wal-Mart is huge and too extreme to even consider being duplicated by the contenders when anyone considers the electronic association of deals just as stock data over the world.

How to Get Into an Online School With This Course

How to Get Into an Online School With This CourseIf you're looking for ways to get into an online school, you might want to consider the Order Research Paper. Although it may seem like just another thing you have to go through when you start the process of online schooling, the truth is that many schools use this program to help their students gain admission to their schools.The first thing you need to know about the Order Research Paper is that it is a pre-requisite for most online schools. When you're making your way to a university or college, you'll need to complete this course before you can even apply.After you've taken the Pre-Order Research Paper course, you should already be pretty familiar with how to complete and submit your application to an online university or college. You'll first have to create an account with a school's website. If you don't know how to do this yet, you should go ahead and visit a college's website to gain basic knowledge of how to do this.This is th e primary reason why some people think the Order Research Paper is necessary to attend an online school. If you don't know how to create an account on an online school's website, you'll need to take this class first.After you've completed the Order Research Paper, you can submit your application for admission. To start off, you'll need to visit the college or university's website. Before submitting your application, you should know that it's likely that you'll be asked to fill out several forms on the website of the school you're applying to.These forms will include all of the required information regarding your character and personality. To go along with this, you should also fill out a form on your academic background. By filling out these forms accurately, you can better qualify for your online university or college.When you've completed all of these forms, you should be able to present your Order Research Paper as proof of your academic qualifications. The very next step is to a pply for admission to your online school. Keep in mind that most online schools will need at least one of these forms, but they won't always ask for it.The main thing you need to remember about the Order Research Paper is that you need to take it to any online university or college. The internet is the most advanced tool in the world, so you shouldn't let these little details stand in your way.

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Authority Versus Weakness in Martin Amis’ London Fields - Literature Essay Samples

Martin Amis’ London Fields depicts a non-traditional murder story which Samson Young, the narrator, seeks to transcribe. On a quest to find her murderer as part of a suicidal death wish, Nicola Six forms relationships with Keith Talent and Guy Clinch, two candidates she believes may commit murder if properly provoked. While it appears that Nicola Six is an autonomous figure of authority in that she is the orchestrator of her own demise, Nicola is actually the weakest of the characters in London Fields because of her dependence upon certain individuals for the outcome of her self-foretold future. Nicola’s dependence on Keith Talent lies in her belief that he is her potential murderer, thus leading her to initiate a sexual relationship in which she enacts events designed to provoke Keith to commit murder. The narrator first introduces Keith as â€Å"a bad guy. Keith Talent was a very bad guy. You might even say he was the worst guy† (4), further explaining that â €Å"every pub has its superstar, its hero, its pub athlete, and Keith was the knight of the Black Cross† (23). We soon come to know Keith as a â€Å"cheat† (6), who possesses a love of darts, â€Å"sex, violence, and sometimes money† (165), and who always seems to be suffering from a â€Å"wall-eyed hangover† (111). Keith is so convincing as â€Å"the murderer† (3), that as soon as Nicola entered the Black Cross and â€Å"surveyed the main actors of the scene, she immediately knew, with pain, with gravid arrest, with intense recognition, that she had found him, her murderer† (22). Nicola quickly recognizes that love will not be a strong enough motivator for Keith to commit murder: â€Å"the capacity for love was extinct in him. It was never there. Keith wouldn’t kill for love. He wouldn’t cross the road, he would never swerve the car for love. Nicola raised her eyes to heaven at the thought of what this would involve her in se xually† (72). In her attempts of discovering â€Å"what would move [Keith] to murder† (202), Nicola reveals that â€Å"the tricks she was going to play on Keith and Guy were good tricks; but they were low and cruel and almost unrelievedly dirty† (202). James Diedreck, a critic of the novel, provides insight into Nicola’s tactics when he suggests that â€Å"to Keith, whose libido is all factoid and tabloid, she is the incarnation of his wildest pornographic fantasies. Nicola knows this, and she knowingly exploits it† (122). Through various scenes of sexual scenarios and pornographic videos, it would appear as though Nicola exerts power over Keith through her puppet master-like manipulations of him, however; Nicola is dependent on Keith because she believes him to be a contender in the role of her murderer. Without Keith, or any of the other key players she believes to be involved in her ultimate demise, her need to scheme and manipulate would be non- existent, thus making evident her weakness as a character due to her lack of independence despite her authoritative nature. Though Keith becomes tangled in Nicola’s twisted web of self-destruction, he benefits from their relationship through sexual and financial rewards, proving his independence as a character through his survival of Nicola. Keith’s marriage with his wife, Kath, is frail at best: â€Å"Everything he cherished, everything he looked for in a woman, Kath didn’t have† (108). While much of Keith and Nicola’s relationship is purely sexual, being that â€Å"he’s an obsessional tailchaser of the type that was meant to have died out ears ago. He slurps at everything remotely bim-like on the street† (134), with most of his thoughts of her being â€Å"frankly pornographic† (55), Nicola ultimately provides Keith with the elements his marriage lacks. Nicola makes Keith feel needed: â€Å"He bent forward and whispered, wit h certainty, ‘She†¦ she has need of me.’† (112), â€Å"She understands me. She’s the only one that understands me† (288). This idea is perhaps the most evident when Keith explains that â€Å"he wanted to see [Nicola] very badly, not for the act of love and hate†¦No: he wanted her for her belief in him, because she was the other world, and if she said that Keith was real then the other world would say it too† (446). In regards to Nicola, Keith expresses that â€Å"this bird is really seriously good news. She’s a fucking miracle. Where has she been all my life?† (175). Keith also benefits financially from his and Nicola’s relationship, finding that â€Å"there was money, it seemed, in Nicola Six† (169). Though the reader learns that Keith â€Å"never had what it took to be the murderer† (6), it is through the benefits that Keith reaps from his relationship with Nicola as well as his innocence in her m urder that he is able to overcome her character; confirming his strength and independence as a character, and her weakness and lack of independence.Nicola’s long time belief that â€Å"love in some form would be present at her death† (72), leads her to initiate a romantic relationship with another potential murderer, Guy Clinch, in which she carefully orchestrates events she believes will encourage him to kill for love. The narrator introduces Guy as â€Å"the foil, the foal, Guy Clinch†¦a genuinely delightful human being† (14) with â€Å"a tremendous amount of money, excellent health, handsomeness, height, a capriciously original mind† (27). Due to the pressures of his failing marriage with his wife, Hope, a marriage â€Å"waiting to be invaded† (140), when Guy first meets Nicola he is â€Å"ready,† â€Å"wide open† (36). Diedreck explains that â€Å"to Guy, Nicola is a woman of beauty and breeding in need of his protection; sh e fires his nostalgia for the passion that has leaked from his marriage† (122). After Guy admits that â€Å"every few years he secretly ‘fell in love.’ It was like an illness that passed after a couple of weeks; the love virus, efficiently repelled by a determined immune system† (87), it is easy to believe that he would fall so hard and so fast for Nicola. Robin Ramsay, the course author, explains that â€Å"in Nicola’s hands, Guy is putty. Because he espouses an archaic code of chivalry, he is blind to Nicola’s manipulation† and â€Å"believing himself to be in love with her, he unconsciously conducts the affair like a fourteenth-century courtly lover† (114). Guy’s obliviousness to Nicola’s manipulation frustrates her: â€Å"What would she have to do to arise suspicion in this man? If he’d come in and found her lying naked on the sofa with one leg hooked over the back of it, satedly mumbling to herself and relishing a languorous cigarette – he would have assumed she was suffering from the heat† (132). Despite Nicola rendering Guy hopelessly wrapped around her finger after encouraging his love for her, even though it was only â€Å"like being in an ad for love† for her (348), she still cannot escape her dependence on his character for the outcome of her eventual fate. Despite falling victim to Nicola’s schemes and manipulations, Guy benefits from his relationship with Nicola in that she provides Guy with elements that are lacking from his disintegrating marriage, and, like Keith, his independence as a character is evident through his innocence and survival of Nicola. Nicola â€Å"had the power of inspiring love, almost anywhere† (20), and she â€Å"really did a number on [Guy]† (97). Though Guy â€Å"didn’t deserve the humiliation and havoc† Nicola put him through, he actually ended up benefiting from their relationship. The narrat or notes that after meeting Nicola, â€Å"something had now made wonder work for Guy. He woke up and thought, Air! Light! Matter! Serious, poor, beautiful: everything you care to name† (96). Guy explains that â€Å"he had never felt more alive. He had never felt happier† (142), and that â€Å"if not too good for this world, [Nicola] was, in his view, far too good for this time† (154). The narrator further suggests that Nicola â€Å"could make a man feel he was at last really living, she could give his world high colour† (298). Though this love does not last for Guy following Nicola’s fateful death, he experiences feelings that he had not in a long time, therefore allowing him to benefit from their relationship. Similar to Keith, Guy is also able to overcome Nicola through his innocence in her death and prove his independence as a character. On the surface, Nicola believes her relationship with Samson Young to be one of strictly business, he functio ning as the scribe of her grand scheme; yet their relationship proves to be complex in that she unknowingly depends on him to be her murderer. Nicola reveals her motive for allowing Sam to transcribe her story when she explains â€Å"what women want†: â€Å"They all want to be in it. Whatever it is. Among themselves they want to be bigger breasted, browner, better in bed – all that. But they want a piece of everything. They want in. They all want to be in it. They all want to be the bitch in the book† (162). As their relationship develops, Sam notes that â€Å"with [him], she can let her hair down† (119), explaining that their interdependence upon one another has led to a relationship in which they â€Å"can’t talk to anybody else like [they] can to each other† (161), while carefully making the distinction that they were not in love: â€Å"I’m not in love with Nicola. Something intertwines us, but it isn’t love† (233). D iedrick lends insight into the complex relationship between Nicola and Sam when he explains that â€Å"London Fields focuses on a woman who is fatefully, synergistically involved with her narrator† (131). Despite their close relationship, the thought of Sam being a potential candidate as her murderer never appears to come to fruition and she is focuses her energy on Keith and Guy. However, Peter Stokes, a critic of the novel, explains that Nicola is just as dependent on Sam as she is the other two characters: â€Å"Nicola needs Sam for a murderer† (309). Therefore, Nicola’s relationship with yet another man highlights her weakness and lack of independence as a character due to her dependence on Sam to murder her.Nicola single-handedly creates the story for Sam, thus benefiting his career; however, despite his dependence on Nicola, Sam ultimately overcomes Nicola through his story. After â€Å"two decades of fastidious torment, two decades of non-starting† (3), Sam â€Å"can’t believe [his] luck† (1) when he meets Nicola Six. Patrick Gill, another critic of the novel, explains that â€Å"Nicola’s murder story, her plot against herself, already offers unity, drama and appeal, and in admitting to this, Sam seems to propose her as the ‘true’ author†¦ he is her writing instrument† (41). Diedreck suggests that Sam â€Å"feels sickly and enraptured at having met Nicola, who relieves him of the burden of creation by creating the story of London Fields, which he can simply transcribe† (119). Although Sam benefits from his relationship with Nicola career-wise, he is also entirely dependent upon her for her story: â€Å"none of this would have ever gotten started without the girl. It didn’t have a hope in hell without the girl. Nicola Six was the miracle, the absolute donnee† (14). However, despite the control Nicola is able to exercise over Sam, Brian Finney, a critic of the n ovel, explains that Sam is ultimately able to overcome Nicola: â€Å"It is his story of her story. He has outlived her. He has contained her within a larger narrative† (13). In this way, Nicola has once again proven to be the weakest of the characters despite the apparent authority she exercises over Keith, Guy, and Sam in the scheme of her own self-destruction. Robin Ramsay explains Nicola’s character best when she explains that â€Å"Nicola Six is arguably the least satisfying of the characters in London Fields. Perhaps because she is more overtly an idea, or the mouthpiece of an idea, than Keith and Guy, who despite their representation of class levels, do work as individuals, Nicola seems what she is: the plot catalyst rather than an individualized character† (115). Nicola Six is arguably the weakest of the characters in London Fields. Although her outward behaviour elicits dominance and authority through her manipulations of Keith, Guy, and Sam, it is evide nt that she is the weakest point of the cross because of her dependence on these characters to help her reach her goal of death. Works CitedAmis, Martin. London Fields. 1989. New York: Vintage International. 1991.Diedreck, James. Excerpt from â€Å"Apocalypse Now.† Understanding Martin Amis. 2nd ed. Columbia, SC: U of South Carolina P, 2004. 118-132.Finney, Brian. â€Å"Narrative and Narrated Homicides in Martin Amis’s Other People and London Fields.† Critique, 37(1). 1995: 3-17. Gill, Patrick. â€Å"You Didn’t Set Me Up. Did You? 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